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ZOOB Resources for Parents

ZOOB is an open-ended play system that is quick to learn and easy to use. Its ball & socket units easily snap, click, slide, and pop together to form creations that go far beyond stationary models. These tactile sensations enhance the enjoyment and play value, making children and adults feel compelled to touch, twist, and connect ZOOB units.


ZOOB pieces are intuitive, easy-to-use, and packed with educational value, a factor that is becoming increasingly important to parents as they select, or approve, toys for their children. For while kids are playing with ZOOB, they improve their abilities with spatial relationships, modeling, motor skills, creative visualization, and problem-solving.

In fact, ZOOB pieces have an educational birthright: their design is based on a living and natural system—the nucleotides found in DNA that are the building blocks of life—and their mobility mirrors the natural movement of people, animals, and machines. This mobility also enhances ZOOB’s educational value, by allowing children to see an assembly as it moves, and by demonstrating the movement of biological, anatomical, and mechanical parts.

ZOOB pieces are easy enough for 6 year-olds to play with, and academically robust enough for educators to use them to model items such as DNA double helixes, anatomic parts, and architectural or mechanical designs.

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